Namakkal District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited was bifurcated from Salem Union and starts functioning on 17.12.2018. Namakkal Union is having 508 functional MPCS and 21 Dormant MPCS as a total of 529 MPCS. 1,12,220 persons enrolled as members of which 17208 pouring members and 95012 remain as non-pouring members. 53,300 breedable animal population covered under Co-operative ambit.

Welfare Schemes to producers are as follows

  • Monthly Average of 360 Metric Ton cattle feed supplied to the milk producers.
  • 9 Veterinary input routes operated for weekly inputs Emergency Services.
  • Weekly infertility Camp is conducted regularly.
  • 205 No’s of VLW’S doing artificial insemination work regularly.
  • Subsidized cattle insurance scheme implemented as per TNLDA norms.
  • DIPA unit schemes including FPRP IBST are also implemented in our union.
  • 800 Acres identified for fodder Bank Scheme implementation.
  • Last year 60 No’s Chaff cutter was provided to producers at a subsidized rate.
  • And also 27 No of AMCU provided to selective MPCS under NPDD 2018-19 free of cost.
  • Among 9 veterinary input route treating of 4500 input cases, 180 emergency cases and 7500 AI per month.
  • Namakkal union having infrastructure of 2 No’s of chilling center @ 50,000 Liters capacity each located at Laddivadi Namakkal Paramathi Velur Taluk respectively
  • 16 No’s of BMC with the total capacity of 53,000 LPD in which 5 No’s of 5KL 2 No’s of 2KL are available.

Union Site Link: Namakkal Union