Erode Union      

The Erode District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union Limited is a replica of sandwiched in the middle of the 3-tier system popularly known as the "ANAND"  pattern consisting of an apex State level Federation TCMPF at Chennai, the Unions at the district level and the primary cooperative societies at the village level.

The entire project has been funded by the National Dairy Development Board, Anand through the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation. The Project has been funded under the nationwide Operation Flood Programme with an aim to bring about a socio economic awakening in rural India.

The Erode District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited (EDCMPU) is registered as a co-operative society under the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Societies Act, 1961 (Madras Act 53 of 1961) on 07.02.1975 and started functioning on 01.01.1976.

Commencement of Production



Total area


52.09  acres

Area of Operation


10 Taluks of Erode  District

Authorized share Capital


Rs 1500 .00    lakh

Govt. Share


Rs 362.43    lakh

Societies share


Rs 615.09    lakh

At present Erode Union procures milk from 29,357 milk pouring members of 526 Primary Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies affiliated with the Union. Daily milk procurement is around 2.30 lakh liters per day. Milk collected from the members are chilled in 52 Bulk Milk Coolers with a total capacity of 2,49,000 liters per day. Team of 10 Veterinary Doctors in the field are visiting every MPCS once in a week to take care of Animal health activities and Emergency cases are being attended as and when reported. Artificial Inseminations are being done every month at their door steps by 279 village level workers. Extension education on Animal health, Management, Clean Milk production, Mastitis control and fodder activities are carried out. FMD Vaccination is being carried out twice in a year covering all the animals. Erode Union owns a main dairy which has an installed capacity of 3,00,000 liters per day (LLPD) , Milk chilling through 52 BMCs of 2,49,000 liters per day. Cream separation facility 2.60 KLPD, Butter production 18 MT per day, Ghee production 7.4 MT per day and Skim Milk powder production 3,00,000 liters per day. The dairy is presently involved in manufacturing of Standardized Milk, Full Cream Milk, Butter, Ghee, Skim Milk Powder, Khoa, Curd,Butter milk, Flavoured Milk, Badam Mix,Gulabjamun mix and Kulfi. Erode Union marketing their Milk and Milk products through 15 Wholesale dealers,252 Agents/Retailers, 15 Parlours, 2 Hi-Tech Parlours and 511 MPCS outlets. The monthly average milk sales 60,000 liters per day and Monthly product average sales value Rs 1.25 Cr. Erode Union has the State first Cattle feed Plant at Erode with 150 MT per day Cattle feed production capacity and 12 MT per day Mineral Mixture production plant.

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