Krishnagiri Union

The Krishnagiri Dist Co-op Milk Producers union has been bifurcated in to Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Unions. The  Krishnagiri union starts its function w.e.f. 26.08.2019. The Krishnagiri union is functioning as an independent union with H.Q at Krishnagiri and the jurisdiction of Krishnagiri Dist.

At present the union is procuring milk 92000 LPD of milk from primary Co-operative Societies by pouring members the entire quantities of milk is being chilled by Krishnagiri Feeder Balancing Dairy, Denkanikotta milk Chilling centre and 5 Nos (5Kl – 4, 1 KL-1)  of Bulk Milk Cooling Centers located at various places in the District. Out of  92000 Ltrs, 58000 ltrs of milk is being despatched  to Chennai metro, 22500 Ltrs of milk is being utilized for local sales per day and the remaining quantity is utilized for conversion of Butter, Ghee and SMP and fun products.

The Union is having 2 lakhs Lts capacity of processing plant and 1 lakh lts capacity of powder plant. The Union is manufacturing Ghee, Butter, Skim Milk Powder, Kulfi, Khoa, Badam Mix Powder, Curd, Butter milk, Flavoured milk and in season times preparing Mysorepa for customer needs.

The union is having 154 nos of agent Milk Parlours, 4 Hi-Tech Parlours and 5 non hi-tech parlours an average of 22500 Ltrs of sachet milk is being sold as local sale.    The Union is selling Butter, Ghee, SMP, Khoa, Flaoured Milk, Badam Mix powder, Curd, Butter Milk, Mysorepa and Ice cream varieties, Jamun, Rasagulla, Cookies and other fun products of aavin. 

Schemes Implemented

  1. 4 Nos of Veterinarians working under NADP Door step Veterinary Scheme to provide health coverage to milch animal under the co-op ambit.
  2. 10 Nos of Aavin KIOSK Parlors under Hon’ble CM’s 110 announcement.

Veterinary Services to producers

  1. Vaccination Camps.
  2. Uninterrupted Animal Health and Artificial insemination service to the milch animals of our producers under NADP Door step Veterinary Scheme.
  3. Providing Cattle Feed/Mineral Mixture to the Producers.
  4. Mass Infertility camps and Veterinary health care delivery system.

Vision 2025

  1. To improve quality milk production at every MPCS level.
  2. At most concentration for clean milk production
  3. Educating milk producers about keeping quality of milk.
  4. To uplift the socio economic standard of milk producers by improving herd health and cattle welfare.
  5. To reduce the Inter calving period
  6. To provide pioneer technologies for animal health and nutrition.
  7. To improve yield Quality and Quality through scientific feeding technologies.
  8. Mastitis is one among the challenging problems causing huge loss to Dairy owners.
  9. Early detection helps in preventing the progress of disease into clinical stages thereby reducing heavy loss to Dairy farmers.

Union Site Link: Krishnagiri Union