The Viluppuram District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union Limited was registered on March 31st, 1983, as a Cooperative organization under the Cooperative Societies Act and also registered under the Milk and Milk Product order of 1992 No.272/R.MMPO/2000, dated.07.09.2000 to assure the stable, steady remunerative price to the milk producers of the Cooperative societies and distribution of quality milk and milk products at a reasonable price to Consumers. The Union's operational area covers two districts namely Viluppuram and Kallakurichi.  At present, this union is procuring milk in Viluppuram and Kallakuruchi Districts.  Total Members enrolled in 535 Primary Milk Producers' Cooperative Societies are 162952 with pouring members as 35955.

The Union is functioning with the main dairy at Viluppuram in Viluppuram District and one Chilling Centre at Chinnasalem –Kallakuruchi District. The Viluppuram Dairy is having a chilling capacity of 50,000 Lits. Per day with the processing capacity of 100000 Lits. Per day, Chinnasalem Chilling Centre is having a chilling capacity of 100000 per day.

In addition to which Bulk Milk Coolers-17 Nos were installed at Primary Cooperative Milk Producers societies to facilitate chilling of milk at society level.

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