Salem Union          

The Salem District Co-operative Union Ltd. has started its function from 07.10.1978 onwards.  From the beginning, Salem Union functioned both in Salem and Namakkal Districts as its functioning area and for administrative reasons, the Salem Union bifurcated as Salem and Namakkal Union from 17.12.2018 and Namakkal Union functioning as separate Union. The Salem Union functioning with 770 nos., of Milk Producers’ Cooperative Society with 229399 total members and procured in an average milk procurement from 46,782 pouring members.

In Salem Union  5 LLPD., the handling capacity of FBD,   1.30 LLPD handling capacity of one Chilling Centre at Attur, and  58 Bulk Milk Coolers with the handling capacity of 2.87 LLPD are functioning.   Also 12 MTs per day production capacity of Butter Section, 06 MTs production capacity per day of Ghee section, and 10 MTs production capacity of SMP sections are functioning in the Union. To procure milk from MPCS 113 nos., of Rural Milk Collection Routes are operated.

To enhance the MBRT and also to reduce the Rural Milk Collection Route cost, 58 Bulk Milk Coolers with a handling capacity of 2.87 LLPD, are commissioned and functioning. The Union after completing local milk sales has been sent to Federation sales.  The remaining milk is converted as various by-products for sales. 53 nos., of Milk Marketing Routes, are operated in the Union. Union having one Hi-tech parlor in front of Salem Union and one parlor functioning at Attur Chilling Centre. 160 nos., of private parlors, are functioning at Govt., Office, School, and Colleges.

Under National Agriculture Development Scheme, during the last 09 years, 10 Veterinary units are functioning and provide medical care to the animals at members' doorstep. Also during the year 2020 – 21, 16000 milch animals are provided insurance coverage under TNLDA Scheme with Govt. subsidy. Under the National wide Artificial Insemination Programme 2020 – 21, to yield more milk from milch animals,   Artificial insemination has been executed to 18000 nos., of Native breed at free of cost.

Under State Fodder Development Scheme 2019-20, necessary action has been initiated to cultivate green fodder in 25 acres of producers land with an estimated cost of Rs.82.25 Lakh,   to provide green fodder to the milk producers with 50% subsidy (under this scheme 20 beneficiaries land area identified for cultivation and fodders are cultivated).

To uplift the socio-economics of tribal people, under State Balanced Growth Funder 2018-19, at Karumandurai Hill, one 5000 liter capacity Bulk milk cooler was installed at newly constructed BMC building with EB supply and borewell facility and provided one 5000 liter capacity mobile BMC to procure milk from the nearby area. Also, 5 nos., of Automatic Milk Collection Units,  220 nos., of S.S. cans are provided to the milk producers with Rs.74.79 Lakh as Scheme fund and Rs.20.18 Lakh as Union fund, totally Rs.94.97 Lakh Scheme value and all the works fully completed and the BMC  procuring milk from the producers. Under National Programme for Dairy Development 2020 - 21, to commission 20 nos., of 5000 litre BMC at various DCS is under process. 

Under DIDF Scheme 2018-19 with a Scheme fund of Rs.141 Crore, necessary actions are initiated to construct new buildings and to purchase types of machinery to enhance various infrastructure facilities at FBD are under process. Under the Ministry of Food Processing Industry (MOFI) 2018-2019 Scheme, proposed to enhance the milk chilling capacity, milk processing capacity, and the infrastructure facilities at an estimated cost of Rs.4.74 crore with Rs.1.43 crore from  Union contribution is under process. At present Paneer, the production machine has been installed and production is started. Actions are initiated to install the cub curd filling machine at the earliest.

Necessary actions are initiated to install Automatic milk processing machines with a capacity of 7 Lakh liters per day and to install types of machinery to produce 30 MTs SMP per day under DIDF Scheme.  Also, new building construction work is under progress to position machinery for the Ice Cream plant with a capacity of   6000 liters per day. From Salem Union, standardized milk has been exported to Singapore, Hongkong, and Kathar, and also from APS section 09 various varieties of flavored milk has been distributed throughout the State for consumer sales.

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