Dindigul Union

The Dindigul District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd was started during the year 01.04.1988 and the same has been registered under Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Act as a District level Union. The area of operation of the Union spreads till the border of Madurai, Thiruchirapalli, and Karur Districts. Milk is being procured from nearly 194 Milk Producers Societies through 6012 Primary Milk Producers. The total numbers of members in the Milk Producers Societies are 35128.

The Milk Handling capacity of Dindigul dairy is 30000 Litres per day. Nearly 88659 litres of milk has been procured and handled in the dairy every day. In Palani one Chilling Centre which is affiliated to Dindigul Union is functioning with the capacity of Handling 20000 liters per day. 10 Bulk Milk Coolers are functioning in the Dindigul district.

At present, the sales of liquid milk are in and around the Dindigul districts and the surplus liquid milk is being transported to TCMPF Limited. The leftover milk is being converted as Powder, Paneer, Kova, Ghee, and other milk products and utilized for sales. 59 parlors and agents are involved in marketing activities. The milk products sold in the Union are Ghee, Kova, Panner, Flavoured Milk, Ice cream, Badam Milk, Badam Walnut Mix, Cookies, sweets, etc. 

Address :

Dindigul District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd.,

No.9, East Govindapuram, Dindigul - 624001.

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