BFSS, Erode:

The Buffalo Frozen Semen Station was established in November 1983 by the Tamilnadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited with an objective of producing buffalo frozen semen straws to upgrade genetic potential of buffalo breeds through Artificial Insemination under cooperative ambit. This station is located in the premises of Erode District Co Operative milk producers union limited, Erode. The Frozen Semen straws produced at NJ&SF, Ooty as per the Minimum Standard Protocol (MSP) for bovine semen production to all the milk unions and other government agencies through BFSS, Erode based on their requirements.

Functions of the unit:

1. Frozen Semen Long term Storage and Distribution unit:

Lifting and distribution of Cattle frozen semen straws from NJ&SF, Ooty as per the indent given by all District milk unions.Purchase of Cattle and Buffalo FSS from Animal husbandry farms and NDDB based on the requirement of our District milk unions.Storage and distribution of FSS for various schemes like RGM-PTP, DIPA programme and other schemes from TNLDA.The cattle and buffalo FSS are also purchased from AH department farms like ECBF- Eachenkottai, DLF Ooty, DLF Hosur and NDDB farms like SAG, Bidaj, Alamadi to meet out our requirement of FSS distribution to the milk unions whenever there is a shortfall in FSS production at NJ&SF, Ooty.

Rearing of HGM Jersey Cross Bull Calves:

Pre Quarantine Station at Attur

As per MSP, a separate Pre-Quarantine Station is constructed under NDP-PTP with a capacity of rearing 60 HGM Bull calves at Attur.

High Genetic Merit Bull calves procured through RGM-PTP and FPRP less than 6 months of age group are maintained at PQS Attur as per MSP

Quarantine Station at Erode:

Adjacent to the BFSS office campus, the Quarantine Station was constructed under NDP with capacity of rearing of 60 HGM Bull calves.

High Genetic Merit Bull calves procured through RGM-PTP and FPRP more than 6 months and less than 9 months of age group are maintained at QS Erode as per MSP.

The bull calves are shifted from one station to another once it tests negative against all MSP diseases.

Calf Rearing Station and Fodder Production unit at Pudukudi

The Calf Rearing Station is constructed under NDP with capacity of rearing of 60 HGM Bull calves.

The HGM bull calves above 9 months are reared and maintained at CRS, Pudukudi until distribution.

Phase I and Phase II fodder is cultivated in 20 acres of land for our own use and fodder and fodder slips are sold to nearby milk unions.

Under Phase III, 50 acres of land and under Phase IV, 40 acres of land is being developed for cultivation of forage crops, fodder seeds production and fodder slips for supply to all the DCMPUs.


RGM-PTP is a continuation of NDP-PTP being implemented in 3 milk unions of Tamil Nadu namely Salem, Erode and Vellore >with a financial assistance of Rs.23 crore under Rashtriya Gokul Mission by the Government of India.The target fixed for procurement is 225 HGM crossbred bull calves.

Until now, 27 bull calves have been distributed and 24 bull calves are ready for distribution to various semen stations throughout India.

TCMPF stands first in terms of procurement and distribution of bull calves among all the PTP and PS projects in india