Tamil Nadu Producers' Co-operative Milk Producers Federation was established not only as a business entity but as a social movement in order to uplift the livelihood of rural dairy producers in Tamil Nadu and to provide good quality and hygienic milk to consumers at a reasonable price. The production of milk sachets is being done at 3 dairies situated in Madhavaram, Ambattur and Sholinganallur. The milk is distributed all over Chennai by the Marketing Division. There is a huge market for milk and milk products in Chennai metro and its suburbs. The marketing division has been taking efforts to capture this market. Due to these efforts, aavin has a market share of more than 50%.

Types of milk and milk products

The following variants of milk and milk products are being sold in Chennai.

  1. Toned milk - (TM) 3.0% fat; 8.5% SNF
  2. Standard Milk - (SM) 4.5%; 8.5%
  3. Full Cream Milk - (FCM) 6.05; 9% SNF
  4. Double Toned Milk - (DTM) 1.5% fat; 9% SNF
  5. Aavin Teamate- (Teamate) 6.5% fat; 9.5% SNF

Milk Products

More than 150 varieties of milk products like Ghee, Butter, Buttermilk, Curd, Lassi, Yoghurt, Gulabjamun, Rasagulla, Khova, Various varieties of ice-cream are being sold in Chennai.

Price chart of Milk

Sl. No.

Varieties of milk

Packs 16.05.2021  old rate (Rs.) New Rate Rs.


Toned Milk

1000 ML (TM)




Toned Milk

500 ML(TM)

21. 50



Standard Milk 

500ML (SM)

23. 50



Full Cream Milk

500ML (FCM)

25. 50



Double Toned Milk

500 ML (DTM)




Consumer Milk Card

Aavin is the only brand in the country that offers milk cards to household consumers to meet their daily milk requirement on advance monthly payment.

Distribution Channels

The marketing division has established the following infrastructure to make it easier for consumers and the general public to get access to the Aavin products :

  1. There are 27 regional offices spread across the city and 49 Dairy Cooperative Cooperative Offices to sell monthly milk cards and monitor the distribution of milk to the cardholders.
  2. Daily milk supply is carried out through the following channels:

Sl. No.

Milk Distribution Channels

Total No.


Milk Depot



Milk Delivery Points



Federation Parlours



Hi-Tech Parlours



Franchisee Retailer outlet (FRO)



AVM Parlours





Milk Distribution Routes



WSD routes

Ambattur Dairy



Madhavaram Dairy



Sholinganallur Dairy






Other Channels

  1. Milk and Milk products are supplied to more than 260 institutions like  Factories, colleges, government hospitals, hostels, defence etc.
  2. during day time, milk is supplied through the Federation vehicle to various retail outlets.
  3.  Special orders : On advance booking, dairy products are delivered to special occasions like party, wedding etc. There is huge demand for aavin products during festival season.
  4. Dairy products: about 19 Wholesale dealers have been appointed for the sales of aavin products all over Chennai.

Consumer Complaints and Services Cell:

The Consumer Complaints and Services Cell operates 24*7 in the Nandanam office for the convienience of customers. It also operates as an integrated control room. Calls received by toll free number are reported to the Regional / Regional Officers and are being addressed immediately.

Complaints redressal reports are sent to consumers through email.

Toll free number: 1800 425 3300

Steps taken to increase sales of milk and dairy products:

  1. Milk sales have increased due to day supply of milk through Federation vehicles.
  2. Retail stores are offered posters, stickers, standee boards etc. in order to promote aavin products.
  3. In order to increase the availability of milk and milk products, aavin has tied up with major supermarkets and departmental stores such as Reliance Fresh, Reliance Retail, Big Bazaar, etc.
  4. the perception of aavin parlours being outdated has been changed by the establishment of Hi-tech parlours with modern amenities.
  5. It has been decided to supply milk and milk products to hotels and caterers in concessional rates. A caterers meeting was held in this regard.
  6. This initiative has aided in increasing awareness about the rural dairy producers and the services of aavin. This has contributed in the increase in sales.
  7. Tie up with online ventures like Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo have aided in the door-to-door delivery of aavin products.
  8. It has been proposed to appoint Wholesale dealers ward wise in all the regions of the Chennai metro.

This initiative is expected to increase the customer service and awareness about the aavin products which in turn would boost the sales.

     Export of aavin products to foreign countries

  1. In the year 2017, exports of aavin products to foreign countries was initiated and dealers were appointed. On 26.12017, UHT milk with a shelf life of 6 months was exported for the first time to Singapore.
  2. Export approval was acquired to export aavin products having 6 months shelf life like Ghee, SMP, Flavoured milk etc.
  3. On 01.02.2019, export of aavin products to Qatar commenced.
  4. Orders have been received for Flavoured milk and other products in Hong Kong and Singapore. Agents have been appointed to export aavin products to Dubai and Sri Lanka. Aavin products are being exported to these countries successfully.
  5. In addition to the above, efforts are being taken to commence export to the African peninsular countries like Yemen and other African countries.