Tiruvannamalai Dairy Cum Powder Plant (DCCP):

A Dairy Cum Powder Plant with a handling capacity of 2.00 lakh litre of milk per day and powder plant capacity of 20 MT per day was established on 11.11.2014 at Ammapalayam Village in Tiruvannamalai district as a unit of TCMPF at a total cost of Rs.72.60 crore by availing financial assistance from NABARD. To fulfill the water requirement of the Dairy, a separate water supply project for supplying 5.50 lakh litre of water from sathanur dam has been done through TWAD board.

An additional godown at a cost of Rs.476.50 lakh for storage of 250 MT of butter, 500 MT of Milk powder has been constructed during the year 2017-2018 along with conveyor arrangement for loading and unloading of SMP.

The main purpose of the dairy is to handle the surplus milk by converting in to Butter and Skim Milk powder to enhance the shelf life of the milk products. The dairy has the capacity to handle 2.00 LLPD of milk and to produce 20 MT of SMP per day and 9.5 MT of Butter per day. The dairy has started Ghee production during the year 2017-2018.

The plant has the capacity to store 500 MT of Butter and 1500 MT of SMP. The dairy also has the production facility for 3MT ghee per day in retail packs.

This Dairy has been certified with ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS) and Export inspection certification for exporting Skimmed Milk Powder and Ghee. In 2020-2021 the production of Butter was 2988 MT , SMP was 5616 MT and Ghee was 528 MT.